Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NCI hosts a Seminar Series at LLNL that highlights the work done by our staff and collaborators. Below is a list of some of the topic areas of these talks.




Using 3D Microstructure Microscale Phenomena to Understand Macroscale Behavior Jonathan LindFebruary 21, 2019
Evolution of Machine Learning for NIF Optics Inspections Laura Mascio Kegelmeyer January 22, 2019
Advanced Radiation Imaging Research at Missouri S&THyoun Lee December 5, 2018
The Neutron and X-ray Tomography (NeXT) system: NIST’s systems for Non-Destructive, Multimodal Analysis in Engineering and Materials ResearchJacob M. LaManna October 29, 2018
Real-time Measurement of Structural Dynamics During Chemical Reactions using Hard X-ray Free Electron Lasers Kristoffer Haldrup October 25, 2018
Material Characterization Using Spectral X-ray Computed Tomography Matteo Busi October 23, 2018
Magnetoencephalography (MEG): Basic Concepts, and Diagnosis of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussions) Roland Lee September 24, 2018
Quantitative Surface Texture Data Extraction from X-ray CT Scans of Additively Manufactured PartsAndrew Townsend September 12, 2018
Big Data for Mechanics and Materials Research: An Example of Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Aircraft EngineJian-Qiao Sun September 10, 2018
Capturing Material Evolution During Ion Beam Irradiation Using in situ Property MonitoringCody Dennet September 4, 2018
LTT Workflow – A Graphical User Interface for Processing Tomography Data Kyle Champley
Lionel Keene
August 20, 2018
Mechanics of Nanocrystalline CeramicsRicardo Castro July 9, 2018
Modeling Correlated Noise in RadiographyAlexis Schach von WittenauApril 4, 2018
Ultrasonic Research in the UCSD-Los Alamos Engineering Institute: From Sparse Arrays to LasersMichael ToddMarch 12, 2018
Spectral CT: Useful for EDS?David CastanonMarch 9, 2018