Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Our NDC staff includes engineers, physicists, chemists, computer scientists, analysts, and American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level III certified technicians. Their areas of expertise include x-ray, acoustic, thermal, particle, and surface NDC techniques; software, algorithm, and hardware development; and modeling and simulation.

Specific staff and technical capabilities include:

Maurice Aufderheide 925-423-6174 Physicist/HADES
Steve Azevedo 925-422-8538 Consultant/Retiree with 36+ years of experience in NDC, particularly tomography, signal and image processing, x-ray, radar, ultrasound, systems engineering; Four R&D100 awards; Six patents
Nathan Barton 925-422-9426 Modeling and Simulation
Perry Bell 925-422-9927 NIF Target Diagnostics
Steve Benson 925-422-7024 Nondestructive characterization, ultrasound, x-ray; software controls
Joel Bernier 925-423-3708 Material Science (Experimental)
Timo Bremer 925-422-7365 Computer Scientist
Bill Brown 925-422-7933 Nondestructive characterization (x-ray), signal and image processing, system engineering, hardware design, computed tomography, digital radiography and tomosynthesis techniques
Jolyon Browne N925-424-2857 Engineer with experience in x-ray-based inspection (baggage, cargo, and vehicle); image reconstruction algorithms for CT; anomaly and threat detection; x-ray-based reverse engineering and metrology
Vera Bulaevskaya 925-423-8375 Statistician, Systems and Decision Sciences Section
Jim Candy 925-422-8675 Chief Scientist for Engineering, signal processing
Holly Carlton 925-422-2765 Materials Scientist
David Castanon 617-353-9880 Consultant
Jesus Castellanos 925-422-8241 NDE technician Level I, experience in ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, and eddy current testing; phased-array UT; radiography
Dave Chambers 925-423-8893 Applied Math, Engineering Group Leader
John Chang 925-424-4624 Millimeter Wave Imaging
Steven Cocoles 925-423-9829 IT Manager
Carl Crawford 414-530-0146 Consultant; X-ray security systems
Sabrina DePiero 925-424-6761 Chemical Process Engineer, Area of focus: Home Made Explosives Formulation, Energetic Materials Center
Chuck Divin 925-422-9969 Ultrafast optics, MMW and THz generation, Nano x-ray computed tomography, Signal and image processing
Karl Fisher 925-423-0132 Acoustics, ultrasonics, transduction and modeling; Section Leader, MED
Pete Fitsos 925-422-1937 Design and simulation as it applies to mechanical and precision engineering
David Fittinghoff 925-422-5188 Neutron Imaging
Brian Fix 925-424-3215 Contact and immersion ultrasonic inspections, digital and film radiography, computed tomography, system and software development, x-ray fluorescence inspections
Brad Funsten 925-423-2613 Engineer
Steven Glenn 925-423-7445 Signal and image processing, cargo inspection systems, nuclear and particle physics, nuclear threat detection, algorithms research, systems and software engineering, large-scale controls, project management; Deputy project leader for NCI
Ryan Goldhahn 925-422-4914 Engineer, signal processing
Denise Grimsley 925-422-0411 Sr. Scientific Technologist
Peter Haugen 925-422-0319 Electronics Engineer
Peter Hsu 925-422-0317 Chemical Engineer
Robert Huber 925-422-6564 Nondestructive evaluation and characterization primarily using ultrasound techniques including laser-based ultrasound, signal and image processing, reconstruction and analysis of computed tomography data
Gary Johnson 925-423-0156 Electronics Engineer
Jeff Kallman 925-423-2447 NDE Inverse Problems
Lionel Keene 925-422-0178 Materials characterization via Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Raman and scanning electron microscopy; ultra-high vacuum system assembly and maintenance; parallelization and vectorization of algorithms; client application development using the Microsoft .NET framework
Hyojin Kim 925-423-1512
Bernard Kozioziemski 925-424-6317 X-ray Imaging
Robert Lanier 925-422-5636 Engineer
Sean Lehman 925-423-3580 Engineer, ultrasound
Lara Leininger 925-423-6573 LLNL Energetic Materials Center, Director
Harry Martz 925-423-4269 Expertise in all forms of NDC, particularly involving radiation (x-rays, gamma-rays) and particles (protons and neutrons) for noninvasive imaging; nuclear physics/chemistry, systems engineering, project leadership; Director of NCI
Owen Mays 925-422-1178 Microwave imaging and sensing, dielectric characterization, antenna design, electromagnetic simulations
Don Mendonsa 925-423-2224 IT Specialist, Engineer
Haichao Miao 925-423-4722
Diana Mobley 925-423-0422 NDE technician Level II, 14 years’ experience in ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, and eddy current testing; phased-array UT; radiography, Air Force Lead NDI Level V Lead technician
Rosa Morales 925-426-6953 NDE Intern; uncertainty quantification in X-ray CT systems; computational mechanics
Hassan Naqvi 925-422-2747 NDE technician Level III, 25 years’ experience, ASNT Level III ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and eddy current testing; radiography, FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
David Paglieroni 925-423-9295 Signal and image processing, computer vision, machine intelligence/learning, project leadership
Robert Panas 925-423-5569 Dynamic error budgeting, noise analysis, uncertainty quantification, signal variation flow graph generation, statistics, design, compliant mechanisms, strain sensing, precision engineering, additive manufacturing, micro/nano-manufacturing, MEMS
David Perlmutter 925-422-0764 Engineer
Cary Pincus 925-422-7346 Systems engineering of X-ray Fluorescence, Digital Radiography, CT and mobile cargo inspection systems, software engineering of user interface and image processing
Finn Rebassoo 925-423-3461 Nuclear Science/Analyst
John Reynolds 925-422-6028 Senior Science Advisor
Randy Roberts 925-423-9255 Signal and Image Processing
John Rodriguez 925-424-6519 Technical Supervisor of the LLNL NDE Group; ASNT Level III/SME in radiography, ultrasound, eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and visual test methods; NDE of a wide variety of objects for defense, aerospace, pressure vessels, petroleum, and construction industries
Joshua Ruelas 925-423-2886 NDE technician Level I, experience in ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, visual, and eddy current testing; phased-array UT; radiography
Brian Rusnak 925-422-0435 Neutron Imaging
John Sain 925-422-3409 Non-destructive evaluation, computed tomography, digital radiography, signal and image processing, system integration, software development, optical engineering, modeling, project leadership
Rob Schmidt 925-422-6587 Chemist
Luke Schrimsher 925-422-6587 ASNT Level III magnetic particle and liquid penetrant, Level II NAS-410, ASNT-TC-1A; ultrasonic linear-array, phased-array, resonance imaging; radiographic imaging (film & digital), CT, backscatter; eddy current; visual testing; Level I thermography
Issac Seetho 925-423-0393 Signal and image processing, X-ray CT image reconstruction, statistics, software engineering & verification, systems engineering, and digital communication and nondestructive characterization
Michael Skeate 925-422-0384 Computer scientist/EE in R&D and application; x-ray system design for radiography and CT; radiation detection and measurement, and scientific imaging; project management; modeling, processing and analysis of data for NDE and materials characterization
Chris Spadaccini 925-423-3185 Division Leader, Materials Engineering Division
Mark Stoyer 925-423-3079 Nuclear Chemistry/Spectroscopy
Randy Thompson 925-424-4995 NDE Engineering Technical Associate Level III, 30 years’ radiography experience with computed tomography and digital techniques, ASNT Level III radiography, A.A.S. Degree in Radiologic Sciences, St. Joseph’s Medical Center
Joe Tringe 925-422-7725 Materials characterization methods including flash x-ray radiography, scanning probe microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy; also, knowledgeable about high explosives properties relevant for safety; microfabrication processes for electronic devices; Lead for the Nondestructive Evaluation Group
Trevor Willey 925-424-6084 Material Science (Experimental)
Doug Wright 925-423-2347 Nuclear Science/X-ray Sources