Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NCI staff have developed and are using many software tools to perform their tasks. Some of these below are available upon request.

  • ZeCalc – Effective Atomic Number Calculator (see reference)
  • LTT – Livermore Tomography Tools for image reconstruction (see reference)
  • DRCT – Data acquisition tool for Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography
  • CT-GUI – A graphical user interface for LTT and DRCT
  • SIRZ – System-independent (Rho-e/Ze) dual-energy CT reconstruction method for material characterization (see reference)
  • CCG – Constrained Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
  • Ptychography – Coherent phase imaging technique
  • HADES – Radiography Simulation Tool (see reference)
  • Cheetah – A thermochemical equilibrium code used to characterize high explosives (see reference)
  • “What-if” Tool – Detection performance tool for CT
  • MCNP (maintained by Los Alamos National Laboratory; click here) – Monte Carlo Numerical Program (see reference)
  • Geant (developed by CERN; click here) – Alternate Monte Carlo Simulation Tool (see reference)

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