Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

These R&D Projects are managed through the Nondestructive Characterization Institute (NCI)

Livermore Explosive Detection Program (LEDP) for DHS/EXD
NCI experts are working with the U.S. government agencies and private industry to strengthen existing airport explosives detection systems (EDS) and commercialize new technologies. The Livermore Explosives Detection Program seeks to enhance detectors’ sensitivity to an expanding range of explosive threats without increasing the number of false alarms.

Current major R&D activities for NCI are in the following areas:

  • X-ray signatures of home-made explosives
  • Evaluating systems to detect radiological and nuclear materials in cargo
  • Advanced few-view reconstruction algorithms for tomography
  • Advancing the characterization of additive manufactured parts
  • Acoustic emission and non-linear evaluation of additive manufactured parts
  • Ptychography for chip assurance