Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Our NCI office suite is adorned with these posters we have made to describe some of the work done in the Institute. Enjoy!

Flaw Detection

CT flaw detection of additively-manufactured plastic explosive

Baggage CT

Helping DHS improve threat detection in baggage at airports

Additive Manufacturing

NDC provides feedback to improve additive fabrication methods

Inspecting Michaelangelo's David

With U. Bologna, use NDC to assess the integrity of David’s ankle

Evaluating Evolution

With Yale, inspect fossils with micro-CT for evolutionary traits


Improving CT images from limited views

Nuclear and Radiological Imaging Platform

For DHS, characterize cargo scanners for rad/nuc threats


New ptychography method for inspecting thin or layered objects


Novel CT algorithm called System Independent Rhoe Ze accurately characterizes materials

Critical Materials Institute

CT of hard disk drives to find recyclable rare-earth elements

Inspecting Munitions

Assess safety and performance of DOD munitions using CT


Software tool ZeCalc calculates effective atomic number, Ze and electron density, Rhoe

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