Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL maintains numerous dedicated NDC facilities on site, housing x-ray, ultrasonic, computed tomography (CT), particle, and other devices—and we are ISO 9000 certified. Our state-of-the-art and customized systems include:

  • LLNL-built 125- to 225-keV micro-focus radiography/CT system with 2- to 35-cm field of view, 1 to 20x magnification, and 20- to 400-μm spatial resolution
  • LLNL-built 80- to 450-keV radiography/CT system with 0.5- to 35-cm field of view, 1 to 2x magnification, and 0.1- to 400-μm spatial resolution
  • LLNL-built CoLOSSIS 9-MeV radiography/CT system with 35-cm field of view and 400-μm spatial resolution
  • Zeiss Xradia 510 Versa 30- to 160-keV microscale radiography system with 1- to 50-mm field of view, 0.4x to 20x minimum magnification, and 0.9- to 20-μm spatial resolution
  • Xradia UltraXRM-L200 8.04-keV nanoscale radiography system with 65- and 16-μm field of view, 200 and 800x magnification, and 150- and 50-nm spatial resolution
  • LLNL’s high-energy (6/9 MeV) linear- and area-array radiography detectors can image objects as large as 10 m and as small as 30 cm at 8-mm and 200-μm spatial resolution, respectively
  • Access to Advanced Light Source x-ray beamline at Berkeley
  • LLNL’s explosive facilities to NDC explosives from a few grams up to 160 kg
  • Category 3 nuclear facility to NDC Special Nuclear Materials (SNM)
  • Panametrics 5-axis UT immersion scanning system, with adjustable working volume to 90 cm x 45 cm x 130 cm

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