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General X-ray Imaging

Tringe, J.W., Vandersall, K.S., Reaugh, J.E.,Levie, H.W., Henson, B.F., Smilowitz, L.B., Parker, G.R., 2017. Observation and modeling of deflagration-to-detonation transition (DDT) in low-density HMX . AIP Conference Proceedings.

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X-ray Tomography

Zellner, M.B., Champley, K.M., Martz, H.E., Cantrell, R., Yonce, C.E., Dudeck III, K.W.,Benjamin, C.A., Borys, R.W., Schall, D.R., Ducote III, A.P., O'Conner, T.J., Nellenbach, T.E., Sturgill, N.J., Quigg, T.L., Halsey, S.T., Benjamin, J.A., and Huntzinger, B.P., 2016. Development of a Multi-Energy Flash Computed Tomography Diagnostic for Three Dimensional Imaging of Ballistic Experiments..

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Proton and Ion Radiography

von Wittenau, A.E.S., Aufderheide, M. and Henderson, G., 2011. Predicting image blur in proton radiography: Comparisons between measurements and Monte Carlo simulations. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 652(1), pp.901-904.

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Paglieroni, D.W., Pechard, C.T. and Beer, N.R., 2015. Change detection in constellations of buried objects extracted from ground-penetrating radar data. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 53(5), pp.2426-2439.

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SNM Detection

Martz, H.E.,Glenn, S.M.,Smith, J.A., Divin, C.J., and Azevedo, S.G., 2017.,Poly-versus Mono-energetic Dual-spectrum Non-intrusive Inspection of Cargo Containers,” IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 64(7), pp. 1709-1718.

Holzaepfel, A.J., 2013. Simulated PVT Detector Response with Unshielded/Shielded SNM and Mixed Radionuclides (No. LLNL-TR-642075). Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA.

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Additive Manufacturing

Carlton, H.D., Lind, J., Messner, M.C., Volkoff-Shoemaker, N.A., Barnard, H.S., Kumar, M., 2017. Mapping local deformation behavior in single cell metal lattice structures. Acta Materialia, 129, (pp.239-250).

Saha, S.K., Divin, C., Cuadra, J.A. and Panas, R.M., 2016, June. Part damage due to proximity effects during sub-micron additive manufacturing via two-photon lithography. In ASME 2016 11th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (pp. V001T02A084-V001T02A084). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Bauza, M.B., Moylan, S.P., Panas, R.M., Burke, S.C., Martz, H.E., Taylor, J.S., Alexander, P., Knebel, R.H., Bhogaraju, R., O'Connell, M.T. and Smokovitz, J.D., 2014, April. Study of accuracy of parts produced using additive manufacturing. In ASPE Spring Topical Meeting: Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing, Berkeley, CA, Apr (pp. 13-16).

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Champley, K. M., “Livermore Tomography Tools (LTT) Technical Manual,” LLNL Presentation LLNL-PRES-707793, (Nov 2016).

Bond, K.C., Smith J. A., Treuer J. N., Azevedo S., Kallman J. S., and Martz, Jr. H. E., ZeCalc Algorithm Details, Version 6, LLNL Tech. Rep., LLNL-TR-609327, Jan. 2013, To request a copy of ZeCalc software, contact Mary Holden-Sanchez at

Chen, H., Aufderheide, M.B., White, W.T., Roberson, G.P. and Glascoe, L.G., 2011, November. Validation of HADES-based simulations of radiographic experiments. In Technologies for Homeland Security (HST), 2011 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 104-109). IEEE.

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Other NDC-related Topics

Deri, R.J., Kallman, J.S. and Dijaili, S.P., 1994. Quantitative analysis of integrated optic waveguide spectrometers. IEEE photonics technology letters, 6(2), pp.242-244.

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