Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NCI hosts a Seminar Series at LLNL that highlights the work done by our staff and collaborators. Below is a list of some of the topic areas of these talks.




Micro and Nanoscale X-ray CT at LLNL Chuck Divin12.19.2017
Fast Neutron Imaging Brian Rusnak12.07.2016
CT of DOD Ordnance William Brown10.05.2016
CT of Meteorites or AM PartsJefferson Cuadra09.07.2016
LTT Update Kyle Champley08.03.2016
Dual-E Decomposition Isaac Seetho07.13.2016
Intrapulse Multi-Energy X-ray Methods of Cargo Imaging and Industrial Radiography Anatoli Arodzero06.27.2016
Ptychography for Image Recovery Jeff Kallman06.15.2016
Challenges and Opportunities in CT Metrology Stuart T. Smith06.13.2016
Characterizing Performance of Current and Emerging Platforms for Port Security Steve Glenn05.11.2016
Science & Technology Satish Kulkarni04.06.2016
Building Tools for Precision Am: Developing Computerized Tomography for Precision Metrology of Additively Manufactured Parts Robert Panas03.02.2016
Attenuation Drift In The Micro Tomography System at LLNL Alex Dooraghi02.03.2016